Search Tips

Marfat book search is designed to help you find books of your choice conveniently from our library. You can search by book name or author. Urdu and Arabic book names are transliterated in English language. Book search is made simple. You can search a book by its full or partial book-name or author-name.

Here are few search tips:

1. Keep the search term as small as possible! Don’t use the entire name for search, use only partial name for search. For example for

  1. Searching book “Zikar e Khair” use only “zik” or “zi” for search.
  2. Searching book “Fayous-ul-Rehman” use only “Rehman” or “Reh” or “man”or any smallest possible partial word.
  3. Searching for author “Saeed Farasat Ali Bukhari” use only “Ali” or “Saeed” or any partial name out of it. For Complete lists!

2. For complete list of books please click on the “Complete Lists” tab above.